Tuesday, February 19, 2013


The best laid plans of mice or man, as the saying goes, we had planned on moving a couple of apple trees today. well those plans are changed due to weather conditions. I got up a little after 9:00am this morning and this is what greeted me.
Too bad it was really nice the last few weeks. As you can see in a comparison to the Filbert Catkins picture taken a couple of days ago and the one I took this morning, things are a little different.
Janice went out and measured the snow on the driveway and was able to push the tape measure in eight and a half inches, with maybe another half to one inch of hard stuff under that to total about nine inches. Looks like we are not in Kansas any more Toto!
 I suppose I really can't be too upset as we usually get our last snow around April 1st. Keeping that in mind we still have a couple of months of winter coming.
We usually get our last frost about May 15 or there abouts, time to sit in by the fire and keep warm. Just as a side note we have received our Honey Bee Hives and other accessories, but the Honey Bees won't get here until about mid April. We have received our Mason Bees and they are out in their little house.

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