Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Today was light duty as my knees were still sore from the last several days of harder work. Thus it was past time to thin Apples, some much bigger than a quarter. After a while I started to think this bag is getting pretty full and I had only planned on putting them in the compost  pile. After getting a third of a feed sack of Green Apples, I decided this would be a huge waste.
So after coming into the house when done, I searched the Internet and found several uses for the green apples. These include making Green Apple Pectin, and the one I really like, Apple, Honey, Lemon Jelly (see below).

Honey Lemon Apple Jam

12 cups chopped apples
2 cups lemons juice (I used a combination of freshly squeezed Meyer lemon juice and bottled)
2 cups honey
3 cups sugar
1 envelope of liquid pectin (can be omitted if you use a few firm, green apples)
zest of three lemons

Prepare your canning pot, as well as seven pint jars, lids and rings.

Combine the chopped apples and lemon juice in a large, heavy-bottomed pot (an enameled Dutch oven works well here) and cook over medium-low heat, stirring frequently, until the apples have broken down. When you’ve got a nice, chunky applesauce, add the honey and sugar and stir to incorporate.

Bring the fruit to a boil and cook for at least five minutes at a roll (watch out though, it will bubble and depending on the size of your pot, can get a little splashy). Add pectin and boil for a few minutes more, to active the pectin. When it seems nice and jammy, turn off the heat and stir in the lemon zest.

Fill jars, wipe rims (this jam is sticky, so you may need to add a bit of white vinegar to your towel, to help ensure a clean rim), apply lids and screw on bands. Process in a boiling water canner for ten minutes (if you are above 1,000 feet in altitude, adjust your processing time accordingly).

Monday, July 30, 2012

Making Progress

Over the last couple of days we have been able to get a lot more done on the fenced area for Grizzly.

We got over half way done. I think it is starting to look really good.

We filled in an area between the two trees, below, with rocks and dirt and filled it in to accommodate the new fenced area. This area was a drop off from the stump in front of the trees down the hill. Don and I moved a fallen tree into the area before we fill it in today with rocks and dirt. We have been working on filling in this area ever since we moved in here.

The fenced curved around the trees is really good. We did it this way so Don could still get in behind the barn with the tractor.

Now all we have left to do is one more full stock panel and a part of anoher one. About another four feet to the corner post.

The corner post is going to be on the right side of the picture below and then we will put in another regular post at the corner of the barn to the left of the picture below. We have a 12 foot gate to install in this area. Then we will be done with the fenced area. After that a feeder for Grizzly and his buddy and we will be done. Woo Hoo.

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Good Start

Well we got a good start on the fence to divide the part of the pasture we are setting up for Grizzly, our buck goat and a buddy for him.

Below you can see that we started from the back fence line. We put a treated post in right next to a steel post already in and went from there. We are using stock panels for the fence line for more durability. Grizzly's daddy weighed about 250 pounds and we expect Grizzly to get at least that big, so we needed something a little more sturdy to keep him separated from the doe's, in other words, no breeding unless we say it is OK.

In this picture you can see how far we still have to go.
We would like to go to the back corner of the barn and put in a gate at that point.

We are about half way done. It shouldn't take us too long to finish the fence. With the post hole auger on the tractor it goes fairly quickly.

This is one of many projects we are needing to get done this year and I am so glad we got this far today. Hope the second half goes just a quickly.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Well it's finally summer, I hope, and time to get ready for winter again. Janice and I went out and split firewood today. We completed about two full rows in the wood shed, a good start. That makes almost half the wood shed.


Well we finally at least got started on the fence that will separate Grizzly and his wether friend from the girls so we can regulate the breeding season. Yesterday we got four posts set and ready for livestock panels. The problem now is that the panels won't be delivered until Friday. I suppose I should be satisfied with that, even though I have waited for a month already for this guy to deliver these panels, course I was only splitting a load and paying half the delivery charge ($40.00) Which should cover the entire cost, but that's just my thoughts.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Well tomorrow marks the end of the visits by four of our grandchildren. The one we didn't get for the visit was Kaitlyn. Anyway we really enjoyed the visit. While Cassie and Tasha were here we spent time on the computer, rode the horses, drove the tractor, rode the quad, and just played with the animals. Although they didn't get to dig any dirt.

While Bobby and Madison were here, we had Both kids on Flash, bare back, although Madison slide off going up the steep driveway. They both said they enjoyed the rides.
We spent a lot of time playing computer games, and both the kids rode the quad a lot. Both of the kids were helpful with doing the chores (and playing with the baby goats).

While here we let the kids drive the tractor, after some safety instruction.
 Bobby went first, this was when they were going to scoop dirt and dump it back on the pile.
 Bobby took a good scoop and did well with the entire operation.
Bobby wasn't too sure about raising the bucket to the top.
 You really can't see the excitement on their faces when dumping the dirt.
 Madison was second, but also very enthusiastic.
 Madison also got good scoops, as can be seen by the swing of the auger on the back of the tractor.
When lifting this scoop, she had the bucket a little back and almost got a little dirty, dirt came over the back just a little. 
 All in all they both did a good job and were really excited digging and dumping.
After the digging I let them drive around to the front of the house and back to the back. They didn't want to get off when they were done.

Friday, July 20, 2012


We will have all four of them on one day. I hope we can survive four teenagers at the same time.

Our two granddaughters came up yesterday to visit us for a couple of days.

Cassy loves the Internet

and Tasha is really into horses.
 The weather report said it was suppose to start raining  for a couple of days and from the looks of the sky it might,  but we were able to get the horses saddled and let the girls ride for a bit one day.

 My how they have grown, they have become such beautiful young ladies. It seems like only yesterday they were here as little girls.
In a couple of days we will be getting our other two grandchildren.  

Bobby is a whiz with computer games and loves quads, he is becoming quite the young man.

 Madison loves quads and loves to help. Madison is a beautiful young lady as well.

We always enjoy having our grandchildren visit us. Ever since they were little they have come up to visit us almost every summer and we would spend time with them doing crafts and riding quads.
I love my grandchildren sooooooo much. I thank the Lord every day for them. We are very lucky to have such a beautiful family. Our son's did a great job.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Well we finally broke down and got out the lawn mower and weed eater on the same day. We have been letting the horses mow the lawn and weeds around the place and they were actually doing a fair job of it, but alas the weeds finally got the upper hand. We still need to do more weed eating but the bulk is done and we can now water up the lawn for the horses.
 One can actually see the top rocks in the wall, and if you look close you can see the hedge of Filbert trees we planted just to this side of the line of Shasta Daisy's  (look going in a line from the water spigot toward the greenhouse).
 Janice and I are talking about reseeding the paths into grass for the horses, instead of putting in pavers.
We really do have a nice yard and this year looks to be an OK fruit year also.
 Flash didn't seem to be overly concerned that he didn't get to eat in the yard today.
Dancer either!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A quote

"When people in a democracy are not educated in the art of living - to strengthen their conscience, compassion and ability to question and think critically - they can be easily manipulated by fear and propaganda. A democracy is only as wise at it's citizens, and a democracy of ignorant citizens can be as dangerous as a dictatorship." Paul K. Chappell

I really think that this quote says it all in this election season. I believe that all American citizens should read the constitution and what it means for all Americans. Are we about to lose it????



Wednesday, July 4, 2012


While taking pictures today I took a few of our babies. I didn't get all 6 of them, but did get 5 and wow how they are growing. The one I missed was Brownie's doeling.
The above picture is of Brownie and her little buckling, also Ghost's head and her two little bucklings.
In this picture along with Daisey's tail are her little buckling and doeling.


Living on a mountain like we are, we felt we needed to look at erosion control, especially since having much of the vegetation removed from part of the hillside. We have been replanting trees and pasture seed in order to help hold the hill in place. We have also been placing logs across the slope in order to catch leaves and filter soil out of rain water to hold the hillside in place.
 The first, third and fourth pics are of logs placed today. We push, pull, roll, or otherwise get the main log into place. After that we try to fill the gap under them with smaller logs, rocks and or soil.

The above logs were actually placed several months ago.
In the above picture you can also see the flat coming past the barn and what will be the buck barn.
The pictures below are of the flat area where we are going to partition the pasture for an area for Grizzly, our buck and a wether (casterated male goat) that will be his buddy.
 The picture above and below are of the flat area which comes into the gate and past the barn as well as what will be the buck barn. The partition fence will travel around the downhill edge from the back fence , around to the back of the Barn.
As you can see in the above picture we still need to cut off a cedar stump closer to the hill, in order to allow for the fence.
 If you look at this picture closely you can see the back fence with steel posts. The partition fence will be made with treated wood posts and galvanized livestock panels. This will be much heavier to contain Grizzly during breeding season.
Janice and I have worked very hard on this project thus far, and part of that was cutting and moving the two parts of this old growth log, left from logging in 1957 (55 years ago). It is truly amazing how solid this thing still is after that amount of time. We did break about 6-8 inches of rotted stuff off the outside, before the cut.