Sunday, August 28, 2011


Well we've been working on building a new corral for livestock, and building a pen for the pheasants. So far we have installed about fifteen posts along the north property line. As far as the pheasant pen, we have the 10 x 10 foot chain link dog kennel assembled, and wrapped two sides and the door with chicken wire.
In this picture you can see the black of the bird netting in the far right corner along with some grasses, and one the front left is a pile of compost put over the side.

In this picture you can see the rail ties around the perimeter to deter predators digging under the sides.

 We are making progress on this project, cool!
We have also put in rail ties all the way around the pen to deter any predators digging under the chain link. We are going to plant grasses and fruiting shrubs inside the pen for food and cover for the birds. We will also put in a couple of nest boxes. We are going to put solid Plywood walls and roof along with roofing on the pen also.
In this picture we have placed an edge of larger rocks and smaller gravel on the left side, we have planted some grasses, and I am spreading the compost that we put over the top.
In this picture you can see the 2x6 boards strapped to the roof bows and 2 sheets of plywood on the roof.
Almost done for the day!
In this picture the right side has compost spread and grasses along with several huckelberries planted, and lots of grass seed planted. Janice is watering everything in before quiting for the night.
This is the area that will be the pig pen in the future.

Friday, August 19, 2011


This week has been a joy with two of our grand daughters visiting. They enjoy riding the quad around the area, and our wonderful neighbors Tim Wilson and Stacia, have been letting the girls come over and ride their horses in the pasture. The girls have been in heaven when they do this activity. Other things that have been done have been canning pickles, assemble a BBQ, and the normal chores of feeding and milking.
Cassie on Buzz

Tasha on Seeker

Cassie on Seeker

Cassie and Tasha

Tasha and Cassie

Friday, August 12, 2011


Well we haven't put anything on here for a little while, but that doesn't mean we have not been keeping busy. We picked and shelled Peas a few days ago and the Peas pictured below produced 4 pints of canned Peas.
Actually on the 8th of August we picked a lot of produce as seen below.

these are the Cucumbers we picked, notice the tape measure I couldn't believe one was 18 inches.

These beauties were great even without Ranch dressing along with cucumber sticks. 
This is a bucket of regular Basil that has already been dried for use later, and the dehydrator tray below is lemon Basil. 

These are the same Bell Peppers as above along with one lonely Kohlrabi, and below the half bucket of shelling Peas that produced the large bowl of shelled Peas at the start of this post.  Some of the Peas were saved for seed, as were the pepper seeds, Bell and Jalapeno. The Jalapeno Peppers went into the pickles.

Since that time Janice has canned 19 pints of Bread&Butter Pickles, which will make a nice addition to our larder.
The day before yesterday Janice and I separated excess milk for the cream and came out with one gallon of heavy cream. Janice took a quart out for Ice Cream and made butter from the remaining 3/4 gallon. We came out with 4+ pounds of Butter, which is now in the freezer.
We put the Butter into Cottage Cheese Tubs covered with plastic wrap and then the lids. Janice made this butter in her Kitchen Aid mixer and WOW did it do fast. from start to finish of clean up it only took two hours. We didn't add much color and only about 1/2 teaspoon of salt per pound, much less than commercial creameries.

I didn't mention that there are at least five Hugh cucumbers still to be canned as dill sticks, the chucks are too big not to be cut up in some fashion. I wouldn't mind some slices but Janice feels sticks are easier to eat.