Sunday, August 28, 2011


Well we've been working on building a new corral for livestock, and building a pen for the pheasants. So far we have installed about fifteen posts along the north property line. As far as the pheasant pen, we have the 10 x 10 foot chain link dog kennel assembled, and wrapped two sides and the door with chicken wire.
In this picture you can see the black of the bird netting in the far right corner along with some grasses, and one the front left is a pile of compost put over the side.

In this picture you can see the rail ties around the perimeter to deter predators digging under the sides.

 We are making progress on this project, cool!
We have also put in rail ties all the way around the pen to deter any predators digging under the chain link. We are going to plant grasses and fruiting shrubs inside the pen for food and cover for the birds. We will also put in a couple of nest boxes. We are going to put solid Plywood walls and roof along with roofing on the pen also.
In this picture we have placed an edge of larger rocks and smaller gravel on the left side, we have planted some grasses, and I am spreading the compost that we put over the top.
In this picture you can see the 2x6 boards strapped to the roof bows and 2 sheets of plywood on the roof.
Almost done for the day!
In this picture the right side has compost spread and grasses along with several huckelberries planted, and lots of grass seed planted. Janice is watering everything in before quiting for the night.
This is the area that will be the pig pen in the future.

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