Friday, February 21, 2014

Sunny Days

We had the most beautiful days yesterday, today and tomorrow is suppose to  be even better. Can't wait.
The peacocks are starting to get use to me being around. Not quite so scared of me and don't run quite as much now.

They were enjoying the sunshine on top of the chicken coop. One of there favorite places to hang out.

I had just put the chickens away for the night and the peacocks were trying to see where they went. I had already closed the door.

The calves on the other hand were still out grazing in the pasture. They usually wait until the last minute before heading back to there barn.

The bees were really enjoying the day, especially after the rains we have been having lately. As you can see in the picture with the calves the pond is quite full. Tomorrow is suppose to be even nicer and I plan on checking and feeding the bees. Especially the middle hive. I am really concerned about that one. It has been struggling since we got it started last April. Hope for the best.

Saturday, February 1, 2014


This picture of the bees was taken in January. Hard to believe.

Well today is the first of February. I did get some stuff accomplished last month with the help of my youngest son. Jon came down for about three days and we got some trees moved, the paddock cleaned out and the compost pile turned. He was very helpful.
The day before yesterday I got the heat mats out, the seed starting trays and the heat mat thermostat in the greenhouse and all set up for the seeds. Yesterday I got a lot of seeds started and hopefully they will get a good early start. I do have a problem with voles and am trying to get rid of them before the gardening season really kicks in. Not quite sure how to do that. I really don't like to use poison around the garden. I did put out some traps but no luck so far. I do have some mole holes in the yard I will try the poison in because they are not real close to the garden areas. I will have to be careful though because I do have a cat that like to hunt them, when it is warm outside.
The bees have been out and about on occasion when the sun has been shining. What a lovely site to see. I love the bees. They have been collecting the pollen from the filberts and alder trees we have around the place. I do have some flowers that are blooming because of the unusual warm weather we have been having. We did get a touch of rain this week but not enough to really amount to anything.
Hopefully this month we can get more done before gardening starts. Need to build some raised beds for some of the plants I started. Want to put netting underneath to help deter the voles. Wish me luck.
Will try to take pictures as I go.