Monday, March 24, 2014


It's time for the world to refresh itself and for all the young to be born, Janice went outside this morning to do chores and was greeted by two additions to our goats. These little guys were delivered by Ghost last night.
 This little guy weighed in at ten pounds, a pretty big boy!
 As is evident they like snuggling in the corner.
 This guy has some unusual markings with the white patch on his side that runs all the way down his left rear leg.
 This Guy appears to be pretty bored with the whole process.
 Back in their stall, navel's dipped in Iodine and weighed.
 They sure appear to be healthy and happy little boys!
 It won't be long before these two are running and jumping around.
Of course I had to include the Peacocks...LOL

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Good Start!!!

I got a good start on my gardens this year. I got the peas planted around the fence wire, planted two different kinds of radishes and some carrots and put some pansies around the border for pollinator attractors....Our Bees....
I then took some bird netting and put around the outside of the garden bed to protect what I had just planted from the ever hungry deer.

I also took some of the egg shells that I had washed, ground and put in a bucket last year for a slug deterrent. I heard that was suppose to work really well. I guess I will find out soon.

This is my blueberry patch. Looked pretty bad. The blueberries were starting to bloom and I needed to get them fertilized. So I got in and started weeding and then put some sand, peat moss and blueberry fertilizer in the bed and worked it in. I then took some pine shavings and spread around the base of the blueberries.

I think it looks pretty good. So did the peacocks. I have to get some lite duty fence posts to put around the blueberry patch so I can put bird netting around my blueberries to keep the deer and the peacocks out. Hopefully soon, before the deer find the nice lush green leaves.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Blues

I have been having trouble with the blog site. Can't seem to download pictures on this site...It is very frustrating when you want to share with family and friends and things just don't want to go right. We have had a very wet few weeks with lots of rain. We have had up to 4 inches of rain in one day. Dark skies and gloomy days. Hence Spring Blues....I had some pictures of the ocean with a lot of drift wood on the beaches I wanted to share but couldn't get them on.. Thank you to my husband he got them posted for me....Then got sick on top of that...The flu sucks....I am just now getting back to normal and trying to play catch up with everything. Got some peas planted yesterday and plan on planting some carrots and radishes today. Would like to get some pansies and petunias to plant with them also for color. Then plan on getting my Brussels sprouts in the ground. Want to plant some Zinnias and Asters with them...I know it is a bit early for gardening stuff but our spring has been so mild this year I thought I would take a least with the cold weather stuff.
I hope everyone has a wonderful spring and will try not to wait so long next time to post.....
Happy St. Patrick's day to all....