Monday, March 24, 2014


It's time for the world to refresh itself and for all the young to be born, Janice went outside this morning to do chores and was greeted by two additions to our goats. These little guys were delivered by Ghost last night.
 This little guy weighed in at ten pounds, a pretty big boy!
 As is evident they like snuggling in the corner.
 This guy has some unusual markings with the white patch on his side that runs all the way down his left rear leg.
 This Guy appears to be pretty bored with the whole process.
 Back in their stall, navel's dipped in Iodine and weighed.
 They sure appear to be healthy and happy little boys!
 It won't be long before these two are running and jumping around.
Of course I had to include the Peacocks...LOL

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