Friday, April 4, 2014

First day out...

The babies were outside for the first time today. They really enjoyed it. I took pictures but again my computer is giving me fits and won't post them. Will try to get them posted later. I also took some pictures of some new garden beds we are building. Hoping to get them finished soon so I can get them planted soon. Hope all are doing well.
 Babies all came at the same time this year
These first two belong to Ghost!

Ghost is such a good mother.

Momma's and babies were all outside for the first time since babies were born.

The babies had a great time running up and down the hillside. 
The new garden beds we are making are looking pretty good.

We have stapled half inch hardware cloth to the bottom of two so far and placed them over cardboard.

What the beds will look like without the soil.

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