Sunday, July 20, 2014


Janice and I love summers here on the mountain, especially when we have visits from our grand children. A week ago we had a visit from Robert and Madison, the children of our youngest son, Jon. It was a very good visit, and the Kids (no longer kids, Teens) were a big help with the chores.
We had arranged with a local girl, Hannah Hooker, to give the grand children some riding lessons while they were here. Hannah is in her last year of 4-H and is a very accomplished horse woman in her own right. They started each day by grooming the horses, before tacking up.
 Both of the horses love being groomed and handled.
 So very pretty when they are groomed.
 Hannah was very good with explaining why things were done in a certain way.
 All tacked up and ready to ride!
 Some last questions.
 It was decided between them that Robert would ride first.
 The last Picture along with this one and the next one are when they returned from their ride.
 Robert likes riding horses.
 When leaving, they walked the horses down past Charlie's place (the neighbor) then Hannah ponied Flash down the road.
 Once turned around Flash was ok about coming back without stopping and not wanting to go.
One of the days Robert and Madison were here, we all went over to Frog Lake and took a hike up the trail part way over the mountain. 
 Madison also really enjoyed riding the horses.
Nice to be home after a good ride!
 Once home Flash wanted to go immediately to the paddock.
 But that was not going to happen!
 I don't remember what the devil my phone did to get my attention.
Natasha getting ready for her first ride with Hannah.
 Hannah was not under as much pressure when Natasha was here as she has had much more opportunity to ride horses and actually has a good relationship with Flash, my, er her horse...LOL.
 Our horses really do enjoy having a job and going and doing most of the time. Flash however can be a little lazy and he was really out of shape, but with these rides he is starting to get back into shape.
 Natasha Flash and I before their ride on Natasha's first day here this summer.
 And away we go!
Natasha and Hannah walking out for their first ride, exciting!

 On their way home it appears they are riding a branch, but only in appearance.
 No, don't wave you will cover your face,... Too late!
 Whoa, Flash, you can not walk over Dancer.
Natasha finishing a very good ride.
Natasha had to show off just a little for the camera.
On Natasha's second ride with Hannah, they decided to take the trail over the mountain. When they returned Natasha was all wound up and so very excited. The ride had been perfect, wonderful day, horses were good (for the most part), and though it was a very warm day they had a lot of shade on the trail so they stayed very comfortable.
Today Janice and Natasha went for a ride and they were very happy with the actions of the horses, and on their return they gave both of the horses baths, Wow clean horses.