Scroll Saw Mail Basket

A while back I started a scroll saw basket and haven't had the time to finish it.
Well the weather is starting to turn rainy and cold, so now is the time to finish it. I need to put some stain on it and assemble it.
I have one coat of stain on it now. Then to the assembly table. I will get the pieces glued and put together.
I use a good wood glue to put it together to assure a good gluing job.


I put the glue on the inside of the slots and on the parts that go into the slots


I am starting to put the pieces together, wiping off any excess glue that seeps out during assembly.

Got it together and clamped. Now to wait for it to dry. Should be able to start the
 second coat of stain after it is dry. Will probably need to do a little sanding first
 I am anxious to get it finished so I can start another project.

 I wonder what that will be?



This is our new cart and our new project. It is a Meadow Brook type cart. Gonna take a lot of sanding and painting, but it should be really nice when we are finished. Hope to keep a photo record of our progress.

We are going to strip what we can and sand, sand , sand. Then paint it a glossy black with, hopefully some brass fittings.

I am going to try my hand and tole painting a scene on the back seat. Don and I would like to have some sort of meadow scene I think.

Then do some pen striping in the same places that are striped now in gold and maybe some red and green. Going to be very interesting to say the least.

Hope it turns out like we hope it will. Please stay tuned.


  1. You know what they say, idle hands are the devils workshop. Besides keeping busy with projects keeps us out of trouble. We really enjoy building and creating.