Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Hay Storage

Living here on the mountain we have lots of challenges. The hillside behind our shop has slowly been sliding off next to the building. We need to start digging it out and build a retaining wall behind there to stop the dirt from moving in.

So Don and I have decided to build a hay storage area behind the shop since we need to put in a retaining wall anyway. We thought we would put in posts tall enough to be able to extend the roof out to meet the wall to cover the hay and also give the wall more support.

Don has started digging out the dirt. Wow, you can't believe how much dirt he has removed and still more to go. He also had to cut off the root, as you can see above, from an old growth tree stump that is there. We will need to build around it some how.

He got most of the way through and now will need to start from the other side. It is amazing how much it has slid off in the ten years we have been here. It really crept in on us.

I think this is going to work out well for us for hay storage. It is going to be a slow process though. I will try to keep you up to date with the progress in our project group on our home page.

Moms and Babies

I just had to take these pictures. They are of our mom's and their babies. I was walking about doing stuff around the yard and they were all looking at me so I had to snap these pictures.

In the left side of the picture you can hardly see her but that is Miss Daisy Mae with her little boy and girl from this year. In the middle front is proud daddy "Grizzly" of all the babies and just next to and a little behind him is Miss Brownie with her little girl and boy and to the right is Miss Ghost with her two little boys.

Miss Brownie and the two doe lings have been sold and when they are weened they will be going to their new home, which will be right next door. Grizzly and the weathers will be put in a separate area that we are in the process of building. Grizzly and one of the weathers will be here permanent and the others will be butchered. All we will have left then is Miss Ghost and Miss Daisy Mae. Two does are plenty for us. They give us enough milk to do the stuff we want and that is all we need. We are not out to make lots of money, just have whole sum and nutritious food.

Peaceful Day

I was out wandering around the yard the other day looking at the damage the deer had done to my fruit trees and other plants that are scattered around the place and looked up and saw the most peaceful sight.

These pictures are taken from the lower driveway looking out toward the ocean. One can hardly see the ocean but the view you see here is one I never tire of.

God has created such beauty around us. All it takes is a few moments to look. When you do, you will see the most amazing stuff. Please take a moment today and look around you. Look for the peace that God has created. Whether you live in the city or the country, there is something to see. Also, please take a moment out of your day to thank God for all the blessing in your life. Sometimes they are hard to find but when you look and think about what you have instead of what you haven't you will find beauty and love.
May God Bless you this day and every day.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Attract Beneficial Insects with Flower Borders: Organic Gardening

I was going through some of my magazine saves in my favorites bar and found the Organic Magazine save. I really enjoy reading some of their stuff. This article was rather interesting to me as I feel that our country needs to start learning more about the insects and the pollinators in our country. The big pest control companies are killing our beneficial bugs that we need to pollinate our plants not only for beauty in our world but also for our food. If more people would plant beneficial plants in their yards I believe we wouldn't have as much of a problem with the bad bugs as we do. I hope that all who read this article will help by planting some of the flowers in their yards. I do recommend that you investigate the flowers before you plant to make sure that they do not over take your yards. I love flowers and the beauty they bring into our world. It isn't hard to plant a seed. Throw them in the ground, water and watch them grow. What a great way to teach our children about nature.

Attract Beneficial Insects with Flower Borders: Organic Gardening

Friday, June 1, 2012

Job Well Done

The last couple of days has been a busy one. Don and I have been working on the Kiwi trellis which is also going to be the back wall of our pergola. It was quite a job getting the 6x6x10 posts in the ground. 

We used the tractor to lift the posts into place and I guided them down the holes that I had previously dug. Then we got the stock panels out and cut them to fit and got one placed the day before yesterday.

I got busy pruning the Kiwi and getting them tied up. Yesterday we got the second half, top half, of the stock panel wall put up. We had to remove some of the ties I had placed to loosen the Kiwi before we got the stock panel in place.

Don helped me put the ties back in place. It looks so much better and I think the Kiwi are going to love it there. I know I do.

This a picture of the Kiwi garden before we did the work.

This is the picture after the work done

As I was wondering around my yard taking pictures I happened across one of my garden friends. I don't normally like snakes but the garden snakes I can deal with. We have lots this year and we also have lots of voles and moles which the garden snakes eat. So I leave them alone.