Saturday, June 23, 2012

Moms and Babies

I just had to take these pictures. They are of our mom's and their babies. I was walking about doing stuff around the yard and they were all looking at me so I had to snap these pictures.

In the left side of the picture you can hardly see her but that is Miss Daisy Mae with her little boy and girl from this year. In the middle front is proud daddy "Grizzly" of all the babies and just next to and a little behind him is Miss Brownie with her little girl and boy and to the right is Miss Ghost with her two little boys.

Miss Brownie and the two doe lings have been sold and when they are weened they will be going to their new home, which will be right next door. Grizzly and the weathers will be put in a separate area that we are in the process of building. Grizzly and one of the weathers will be here permanent and the others will be butchered. All we will have left then is Miss Ghost and Miss Daisy Mae. Two does are plenty for us. They give us enough milk to do the stuff we want and that is all we need. We are not out to make lots of money, just have whole sum and nutritious food.

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