Friday, June 1, 2012

Job Well Done

The last couple of days has been a busy one. Don and I have been working on the Kiwi trellis which is also going to be the back wall of our pergola. It was quite a job getting the 6x6x10 posts in the ground. 

We used the tractor to lift the posts into place and I guided them down the holes that I had previously dug. Then we got the stock panels out and cut them to fit and got one placed the day before yesterday.

I got busy pruning the Kiwi and getting them tied up. Yesterday we got the second half, top half, of the stock panel wall put up. We had to remove some of the ties I had placed to loosen the Kiwi before we got the stock panel in place.

Don helped me put the ties back in place. It looks so much better and I think the Kiwi are going to love it there. I know I do.

This a picture of the Kiwi garden before we did the work.

This is the picture after the work done

As I was wondering around my yard taking pictures I happened across one of my garden friends. I don't normally like snakes but the garden snakes I can deal with. We have lots this year and we also have lots of voles and moles which the garden snakes eat. So I leave them alone.

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