Thursday, June 18, 2015


Well we have been building garden bed again. This was a continuation of the bed, we showed in an earlier post, along the rear property line of our place. We used some Tan Oak logs from trees we had to have removed anyway, for the sides of the bed and the step up in back.
This picture you will recognize as the first part of this bed we were working on before. We do have another log added to make the transition step down from the high bank in back. You can reference the pile of wood chips at the back of the top picture.

And as you can see the chip pile is barely in the foreground in this picture. Pretty much all that is left is to plant trees, shrubs, and flowers lots and lots of flowers.

Monday, June 15, 2015


Janice and I drove up to Eugene yesterday, for the very happy occasion of our youngest son's graduation from Lane Community College with an Associate of Science Degree in Computer Networking.
 I could not believe just how many people were there, made me a bit nervous!
 Congratulations Jon, your future will be brighter because of your perseverance.
You showed your children how it is done, I think they are pretty proud of their dad.