Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Well harvest season is already about over. We really enjoyed the Apples we were able to harvest, we missed out on three of our trees, as the momma bear and her cub helped harvest those trees. They also helped themselves to a full box or honey from our beehives.
While on the subject of our Bees, we go an OK harvest of honey. two of the hives died so we are back to two hives again.
The apples we were able to save are great. We are eating the Honey Crisp Apples fresh, and making Apple Chips from the Spartan Apples. The Bosc Pears are in cold storage for now, we are going to try making some pear chips, sounded good to Janice and I.
It has been a while since I have posted anything, sorry, with my knee replacement and all of the harvest, time just got away from me.
Not too long ago we had a Tan Oak blow down, right across the gate, what a mess. Thanks to Charlie and his friend Jason came over and cut it off of the gate and driveway.
 As you can tell from the picture, it hit the gate full force, and thankfully missed the fence. It will produce some good firewood for next year.
 The goats really enjoyed eating the leaves and small twigs for about a week or maybe a little more. Now I have a huge pile of brush that I need to chip and get onto the compost pile.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day, wow, already. Most likely dinner will be just Charlie, Lauren, myself and Janice, this year.
We had Grizzly breed our Nanny's the first of November. so babies should arrive around the first week of April.
We had been letting the horses out to graze on our yard at will,  a few times this fall. They both (Flash and Dancer) decided they liked the Filbert tree leaves, we had to stop just turning them out, now they come out and go into the pasture.
I should tell you that Dancer decided to dig her own Carrots this fall. Janice had intentionally left a patch of carrots in the ground in the raised bed by the incinerator, and Dancer her likes Carrots very much decided since she was not getting her share, started digging them herself. We didn't notice right away, until we started to see pieces of Carrot laying around her dig site.
The chickens are past the moult and laying pretty well again, averaging about 5-9 eggs a day again.