Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Well Janice was needing to go down and visit her parents this year and since I can not reach my left foot, one of my Grand Daughters, Natasha, came to stay with me while Grandmother went to California. Natasha and I enjoy doing projects together so I had already decided that we needed a new incinerator door and frame.
 As one can already tell the first door and frame were made from scrap steel, and after being in place for almost sixteen years they needed replacement badly.
At first I thought that I would only need to replace the door, wrong, the frame was just as badly rusted away.
 Natasha really like to do photography also. So she caught me fitting the door to the frame
 Natasha did a good job of catching the sparks off of the grinder.
 This is one of the hinge tubes Natasha welded on, not bad at all for a first time welding.
 The design for the new door and frame really didn't change much, although I had decided to add a handle connected to some linkage, in order to work the door latches. Natasha let me know right away that I should have stayed with the old design, but my reply was "we had to make it interesting."
OK, OK so she caught me smiling.
 Toward the end of our project Janice had gotten home and was in the basement with Kaitlyn painting, so Tasha took our knob in and put this spiffy new paint job on it.
 Got all of the old caked on ready to install the new frame and door. scraped off of the incinerator ready to install the new door and frame.
 As you can see from this picture I even designed a couple of damper vents into the new door.

Natasha was correct from the start. Because of the allowance for space in the joints so the linkage would not rust tight, the whole setup was too loose and I had to remove the linkage and go with separate handles.
All in all the visit with Natasha went very well, I really enjoyed her visit. We did get into a little trouble when I told her Dad, I had taught her to do "cookies" in the jeep.