Friday, September 20, 2013


I just wanted to take the time to say thank you all for your views of our blog and your kind comments. We have on average between 15 and 50 views per day and those from all over the world. I just checked our audience and found nine countries listed besides the United States.


Janice just finished the newest garden bed at our place. We still need to install the lattice around the bottom of the deck, but all in it's due time.
 This shot looking down from the deck.
 Close view, the Echinacea in the rear is the plant we intend on spreading more of, around the rear of the Elk Horn Cedar. We already have three more flats of them started from seed, the Echinacea not the Cedar. 
 In this shot from a distance you can see why we want to install lattice around the bottom of the deck.
We are also going to add another lattice panel on either side of the existing lattice with the Jasmine climbing. At this point I don't think we will ever be done making changes to our garden and home.
I also planted 30 Daffodil bulbs and a flat of Echinacea in a bed at the bottom of the stone steps (not pictured).
Since this post, Janice has planted two mature Echinacea and four flats of small Echinacea seedlings, around the back of the Elk Horn Cedar. I'll try to post a picture after the current rain stops.