Friday, March 11, 2016


Well Grizzly Mountain Gardens has a new resident. Her name is Sadie, and she is just over a year old, still a puppy. New resident besides the new baby goats. We adopted her from the local Shelter and feel so very lucky to find such a wonderful pure bred dog. Part of the fees from the shelter was license and micro chip implanted.

Thus far she is adapting very nicely into our family, except the cats are not real happy. Shadow the African Grey Parrot is not too sure of her yet either. The two of them have been nose to nose and she hasn't been bitten yet, and she has not tried to eat him either, so that is a good thing. We stopped at Woof's Dog Bakery on the way home with her and picked up food, bed, leash, etc. 
Currently she is a companion for Janice and I want to keep it that way, although she shares time with me also. She is a really GREAT watch dog, and so far the deer don't like her either, so are staying out of the yard.
Here she is just getting used to the place, She has already made friends with Grizzly and Star our boy goats. Sadie has her outside and inside toys, and she claims sticks out of the kindling basket. She goes almost everywhere with us and is liking the going quite a lot. She still needs to learn the chickens are not for her to chase.
Sadie loves hugs from Janice or I. Sadie started life down in California, apparently the folks who had her had the parent dogs as well and she was bred, too young, by her sire. She aborted the puppies but was so young her body could not rid itself of the aborted embryos and she got terribly infected and almost died. She was relinquished to the shelter in order for them to pay for the surgery and Spay operation.