Friday, May 18, 2012

Stump Removal

The neighbor next door had a piece of equipment up here on the mountain removing some of the stumps from his property. We hired him today to remove some of our stumps from the horses paddock/corral area. It was a bit tight for him to get into the corral area but he made it.

He started working right away and quickly removed most of the stumps with no problem.

He got to one of the stumps that was from an old growth tree that had been here before we moved in. When he got it out it left quite a hole.

The picture below kinda shows how big the stump was.

This is a better picture of the stump. You can see how big it is compared to the piece of equipment in the back ground.

He got things cleaned up pretty good. It was amazing to watch him. He made it look so easy.

Our neighbor came over with the old dump truck that we are selling to him and helped us haul off the old stumps. He was kind enough to let us dump the stumps down the hill in front of his property. The old stumps should help hold the hillside in.

It is amazing the difference it made in the corral/paddock area.

The horses aren't going to know what to do with all the extra room they are going to have.

Don has to get out with the rake for the tractor now and rake the whole thing. Then we are going to seed it in pasture this fall before all the rain starts. Hopefully by next spring it will be up and growing enough to let the horses stay in there with out depleting our pasture area now.

Job well done. Now on to the next project.

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