Friday, May 4, 2012


We started getting new goat babies for 2012 last night. The first to deliver her babies was Brownie a little doeling we kept from last year. She was the daughter of Ghost. This is Brownies first year and if she milks like her mother and grandmother, they both milked over a gallon and a half a day, WOW!
Her babies look a lot like their daddy, our registered Nubian, only darker brown. They are beautiful.

Then early this morning just prior to us going out to feed, Daisy our grade Saanan doe, delivered her babies. She was still cleaning them up when we got to the barn. Daisy was our baby two years ago and milks over a gallon a day.

Both Brownie and Daisy delivered a buckling and a doeling. Of course all babies are beautiful, and these are no exception. Three look somewhat similar to their daddy.

The only one now left to have her babies is Ghost. Last year she delivered two babies and Brownie was the doeling. Her Buckling went to our friend who has a herd and organic farm in Port Orford. Ghost milks over a gallon and a half a day.
The picture below is a picture of Ghost when she was a baby with her mother, Emma. You can see the ghost on her side.
As you can see Emma was a LaMancha, with the short ears. Just as a side note, LaMancha's are the only American breed of goat.
And this picture is all three of our mommies for this year.
And the Daddy of this years babies is a youngster himself, Grizzly, is a registered Nubian out of the line of Rosebud and Vienna, from Crown Hill Goats. He was only eight months old when he bred these three girls.
 And this big guy is Rosebud, Grizzly's father, who weighs in at 250 pounds and the progenitor of nationally known bloodline.

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