Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Of late I have been working on our future pergola site, I have the wire and two of the treated posts removed from the grapes.

Janice and I went to the lumber yard the other day and bought the three 6x6 posts that will be on the top end, supporting the Hardy and Fuzzy Kiwi.

The top posts for the Pergola will be supports for the Kiwi's, placed just behind the block wall pictured. I now need to dig out the old grapes and move them. These grapes are not a good variety for this area and have only produce a few small berries, so they will move down into the pasture and be tied up to the Hemlock trees for forage for the goats. After the Pergola is done it will support the Kiwi and some grapes that will actually produce in our area.
Yesterday I took the sod Janice had removed from around her herb garden and placed it, sometimes stacked, down along the path that will be the lower path in the yard past the Pergola.

Anyway I was pleased the way that area turned out.
The old rotted rail ties shown in the pic are the bottom of a garden bed we are currently working on.

The cardboard is down on the grass first, then the dirt and compost, which will have the garden stuff planted in it. This bed will be about 18 feet long, not sure how deep yet (haven't measured).
In taking a look around the yard it was nice to see things in bloom, I sure hope the fruit gets pollinated. Right now the Plums, cherries and pears are in bloom.

We have other flowers blooming in order to draw pollinators and to enjoy.

The horse are as happy as us that the rain has stopped at least for a while. and the neighbor across the pond is finally able to work on clearing for a couple of greenhouses.

Jason a friend of the neighbor made a natural bird house for Janice catching his cat and returning it home safely, a very nice gesture.
We now need to get it put up some place on our property, it would be really fun to see it used this year.

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