Monday, April 30, 2012

Herb Garden


Above you can see part of my yard that is still undergoing construction for different gardens. We are slowly removing the lawn and putting in different kinds of gardens. Above you can see just below the block wall in the center of the picture we are getting ready to put in a new garden area. Eventually I would like to build a block wall around my herb garden as well.

In this picture you can see my whole herb garden which is now about twice the size it use to be. The rhubarb in the center takes up so much room I had to move everything else out. In order to do that I needed to dig out more lawn. AHHHHH.

I have three different kinds of thyme, some rosemary, sage, french tarragon, garlic chives, onion chives, parsley, lavender, carnations, artichokes, garlic (which I planted last fall) some primroses, bay tree, Harry Laders Walking Stick (ornamental, it has curly branches and is sorta like a willow that isn't suppose to get very tall) and various bulbs that haven't bloomed yet because the rhubarb was shading them so much they weren't getting the sunshine when the sun did shine.

I really do like my rhubarb. The leaves get so big and the plant is really beautiful. Did you know that you can make bird baths out of the leaves. I will show you how in my hobby or craft section later on.

I also have a windmill in my herb garden. I really like to watch it go. On the windy days it can really get to moving. Just in front of the windmill and to the left are some worms that my dad made for me. He can be artistic when he wants to. I now have my own worm farm. He also made the plane that is on the pole in the first picture. You can barely see it at the top of the picture. It is also a wind direction object except the wind blew so hard this year it blew the propellers right off of it.

My artichoke is really doing well. This is only the second year that it has been in. It actually produced an artichoke last year. I was surprised. I really don't know that much about artichokes, in fact, I don't even like them, but the plant is beautiful. It really adds some character to my garden. To the right I have some purple sage. I like to add color to my garden when I can and it tastes just as good.

The rosemary is next to my sage. I use it quite a bit in my cooking. I have about three french tarragon plants in my herb garden you can't see them because they are just starting to come up now. Some of the herbs in my garden are new and I am just learning how to cook with them. I am going to try to use french tarragon on my eggs. I am trying to cut out the salt from my diet so herbs here they come.

I have an obelisk in my garden. Not sure what I am going to do with that yet. I was thinking about putting some kind of climbing flower on it, but I need to be careful I don't want what ever I put on it to over take my garden. I also want to start adding some stepping stones in here. Maybe a sun dial some where. Who knows, the possibilities are endless. This garden may get bigger yet.
Next is a Tea Garden. I already have some plants that I want to get in the ground. I was thinking about the area just below my greenhouse.
If you start an herb garden, make sure you start with the herbs you already know and then add new ones later. That way you can learn how to cook with them as they grow. If you don't like them you can either remove and replace them or leave them for looks. What ever you do, have fun with it. You may find yourself enlarging your garden as well.

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