Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Special Finds

Well we bought a new television the other day cause the old one was starting to act up but still worked good. It probably would have lasted us another couple of years but Bi-Mart just opened here in Brookings, Oregon and they had a really good deal on televisions. So we bought one.
We took the old television to the second hand store in Ophir and while we were there, of course we did some shopping. We found a few items that we just couldn't live without. You know how that goes, besides it goes for a good cause. The animals.

In amongst our new found treasures we found what looked like a copper tea kettle. Don found it and I was undecided as to whether to buy it or not. I decided I liked it too so we got it. When we got home, I promptly filled it with water and put it on our wood stove for a source of humidity from the wood stove. It looked great, until I found water all over the top of the wood stove. So much for that idea. Now what to do with it. So I washed it up real nice and sat it on the dinning table and looked at it for a couple of days.

On my dinning table I had a ceramic flower pot filled with aquarium rocks and a large candle and some cheap flowers I had purchased at the dollar store. It was starting to look a little ragged so I decided to make a center piece out of the copper tea kettle.

I put the stones in the bottom of the pot, got rid of the candle and put the nicest flowers in the tea pot. Set it on the table and just looked at it for a bit. I kinda liked it, but Don really liked it so he took some pictures and I decided to post some pictures of it.

Hope you enjoy them as well. All it takes is a little imagination. Have some fun with your next prized treasure.

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