Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Planting

Well I got rid of the cage and tried the new tops which seem to be working. I also purchased a couple of live mouse traps. So far no mice. Guess they got smart and left. Anyway, the new plants and seeds that I have started in the greenhouse seem to be coming along OK. I will need to go out and start getting the pots ready for transplanting. This needs to be done as soon and the true leaves come out on the new seedlings. My tomatoes are just about at this point. The new squash seeds that I planted haven't broken ground yet, or at least the last time I checked them they hadn't. I am going the try to get more seeds started soon. I just don't want to go out in the nasty weather we have been having. The rain is non-stop and the wind this year has been unusually strong longer periods of time. I am thankful for one thing, the greenhouse seems to be holding up since we repaired it. I really need to get out this summer and finish caulking it. I tied the vents down when I got them reinstalled and it seems to be working. I will need to untie them when the weather starts warming up. They have automatic openers on them, which I really love, so untying them is imperative. I haven't been as aggressive this year in getting my seeds started, I just haven't had the spring fever bug. I guess it is all this rain and dark weather. Hopefully the weather will break and I can get started soon.
I did get a couple of my garden beds weeded and ready for planting during the time we did have sunshine. Which wasn't long enough. I still have a couple of beds to get ready, then we need to start spreading the compost that has been working all winter and is ready to use. What a wonderful thing the animals give us. Natural food for our gardens, and the plants love it. Don is so good about getting the compost done. I hope we have enough to go around. Up here on the mountain our soil has absolutely no nutrients in it and everything we can get doesn't seem to be enough, even though we have a mountain of compost. I will admit that since we have started making the compost and using it here, the soil has improved quite a bit. Still needs more though.
Well, it is still raining and I am thankful for the embroidery projects that I have, which keeps me busy. On to other things.

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