Monday, March 19, 2012


Well the cage that I built to keep the mice out of my seedlings didn't work. The zucchini squash was just breaking ground and guess what??? the mice had a wonderful meal. SOOOOO, out with the cage and in with something else. I have some clear plastic covers for the trays that I have the seed starting blocks in and am going to try them. When I used them before, they always got too hot and the new seedlings would rot off at the base of the plant. I am going to try them again, only this time I am going to punch some small holes in the top. I am going to use small holes because if the holes are even a hair to big the mice can get in.
I have the trays setting on some heating mats that have a thermostat on them to keep the temperature of the pots at 70 degrees. I have had great success with the heat mats and love them, especially this time of year when it is so cold. As long as the roots of the plant are warm and the tops are protected from the frost they will do good even if the temperature in the greenhouse is at 40 or 50 degrees. I don't have to worry about the grow lights being to low or to high and the plants grow well with the amount of light they get naturally.
I need to restart just about everything I had planted. The little critters really like the seeds and they dig them up once they realize that the seeds are in the starting mix soil. Hopefully this will work.
Wish me luck.

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