Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Photo Day

I finally was able to get started with the rest of the garden beds today. With Don's help we got more compost in the garden beds and I finished with soil amendments.

Got the beds in the upper yard tilled up and planted. The garden above is started with some spinach that I had started in the greenhouse. The beds below, there are three other beds I planted with potatoes. The  first bed has blue potatoes, the second bed has red potatoes and the last bed has white potatoes. I like color what can I say....

This bed below is the center garden and Don got the compost in it for me. I got it spread around but still need to till it in before I plant it. Need to add soil amendments to it also.
This bed below is another view of the center garden.

The next picture is of the Wigelia that is now in full bloom, I can see this from my kitchen window. So pretty to look at when I am doing my dishes.

The next picture is the last garden bed that needs to be tilled. I plan on planting my Brussels sprouts in this bed with some cabbage.

I really like the creeping Phlox on the rock wall. It really adds some color.

My Lilac is in full bloom also. It sure does smell good when I walk by it. I can smell it in different parts of the yard when the wind is blowing. Such a wonderful fragrance.

The Viburnum Metafile  is just now starting to bloom. This is a different kind of plant. It spreads out then grows up and spreads out again. This is the first time I have had one of these plants. Interesting.

The blooms are small and delicate but there is a lot of them all over the plant.

My herb garden is doing really well. I took the rhubarb out of it this year because it was starting to take over. I have some pots of herbs in the middle to help fill the space until I am sure what I want to plant there. The horses sure do a good job of keeping the lawn mowed for me. They are usually out when I am in the yard and they stay close by. Easy way to mow. Love it.

This is the first time this azalea has bloomed since I planted it about 4 years ago. It has been struggling but seems to be doing well this year. 

The rest of the shade garden is doing quite well also. You can see the pond in the back ground. Really makes a nice view from here. Maybe I will set up a bench somewhere around here. Hummmmm

The local wild life is helping out with keeping the bugs and unwanteds out of the garden. I have quite a few of these little friends around.

And last but not least, the Kiwi are doing very well this year. This is the second year they have been in this spot and am hoping for some fruit this year.

Well that is the tour of our yard today. Hope you enjoyed it.

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