Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Blues

I have been having trouble with the blog site. Can't seem to download pictures on this site...It is very frustrating when you want to share with family and friends and things just don't want to go right. We have had a very wet few weeks with lots of rain. We have had up to 4 inches of rain in one day. Dark skies and gloomy days. Hence Spring Blues....I had some pictures of the ocean with a lot of drift wood on the beaches I wanted to share but couldn't get them on.. Thank you to my husband he got them posted for me....Then got sick on top of that...The flu sucks....I am just now getting back to normal and trying to play catch up with everything. Got some peas planted yesterday and plan on planting some carrots and radishes today. Would like to get some pansies and petunias to plant with them also for color. Then plan on getting my Brussels sprouts in the ground. Want to plant some Zinnias and Asters with them...I know it is a bit early for gardening stuff but our spring has been so mild this year I thought I would take a least with the cold weather stuff.
I hope everyone has a wonderful spring and will try not to wait so long next time to post.....
Happy St. Patrick's day to all....

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