Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Good Start!!!

I got a good start on my gardens this year. I got the peas planted around the fence wire, planted two different kinds of radishes and some carrots and put some pansies around the border for pollinator attractors....Our Bees....
I then took some bird netting and put around the outside of the garden bed to protect what I had just planted from the ever hungry deer.

I also took some of the egg shells that I had washed, ground and put in a bucket last year for a slug deterrent. I heard that was suppose to work really well. I guess I will find out soon.

This is my blueberry patch. Looked pretty bad. The blueberries were starting to bloom and I needed to get them fertilized. So I got in and started weeding and then put some sand, peat moss and blueberry fertilizer in the bed and worked it in. I then took some pine shavings and spread around the base of the blueberries.

I think it looks pretty good. So did the peacocks. I have to get some lite duty fence posts to put around the blueberry patch so I can put bird netting around my blueberries to keep the deer and the peacocks out. Hopefully soon, before the deer find the nice lush green leaves.


  1. What a great start. Well Done. Its amazing that you have to deal with wild deer. I only have to deal with a young pup who likes to dig up and eat potatoes and picks the capsicums off the plants. She's not shy about it because she usually brings them into the house onto the carpet proudly displaying her catch.

  2. I love the animals, just not them eating my greens...Sounds like the pup has some growing to do...They can be a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping by.