Sunday, September 4, 2011


Well this week has seen our family grow by two. First we got Rocky the dog. He is a black Pomeranian that was removed from an abusive breeder north of us here in Gold Beach, Oregon.At the time he came to our home, Rocky already had a broken leg. Apparently while at the shelter he jumped from the back of a couch, and due to improper nutrition while with the breeder, his eight month old leg bone fractured. He is a very sweet dog and has Janice and I wound around his paw. He is a little stinker though because he had pulled off the cast on his leg before we got him and by Friday morning he had pulled off the new one.

Rocky is now outfitted with some splint material and stretchy bandage material until the vet can see him again on Tuesday. Rocky is really a tough little guy as he was willing to take on the neighbor's Labrador, even with his broken leg. I hope we can teach him to choose his battles a little better.

The second member to our group is Rain Dancer, an Arabian Mare that is nine years young. She is a beautiful Horse, but when she arrived she was really sweaty and the first thing she did was find some open dirt and rolled.

It is truly amazing how quickly she has taken to us and the other critters that live with us. She just fits in and we are exceedingly happy to have her with us. If Janice or I head to the gate she wastes no time in getting there to greet us. We haven't rode her yet as we need to buy a larger saddle, the one we got that was hers is only a 14 inch seat and one that is designed for her breed with shorter bars for her shorter back.

Rain Dancer, we prefer to call her Dancer, was there to greet Janice this am and even allowed her to give her a hug and kiss. Yes we have already grown to love her also.

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