Sunday, September 18, 2011


Well Dancer is getting used to our place. Janice took her for a walk around the house and property a couple of times today. At the end of their walk Janice stopped by the bottom door and she and I groomed her and sprayed her with fly spray. She was really enjoying the attention. Tonight while feeding her, I took a couple of pictures. She didn't like the flash.

The ducks are growing enough to learn we have 3 or 4 drakes.
While I was trying to photograph the ducks Ghost was being a little ham.
The swamp has dried down to the year round pond, leaving some good pasture for Dancer and the goats, which they enjoy lots.
The Pheasant pen now has all the plywood on the roof and half of that is covered in tar paper, still need to finish the roof and the two walls including the paint.

Much progress has been made on putting up the corral fence for Dancer, as can be seen by the following photos.

Keep watching for more progress.

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