Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Day

Well today the sun is shinning and looks crispy outside. Woke up to 50 degrees and clear skies. I have a lot to do today. Planning on cleaning up some of my outside gardens today and start planting some of my winter gardens. Not sure what all I am going to plant yet, but I suspect that will come to me as I am working. Have to figure out where to plant what as well.
It is suppose to be wet again this year like last year. Not looking forward to winter yet as summer barely got here this year. Living on the mountain makes things a bit more difficult to plan and grow as the seasons are shorter and wetter. Last year the snow was a bit heavier than other years. Don't know what this year will bring so have to plan for that as well.
Have a lot of wood that needs cutting and splitting yet. Hopefully we can get it done before the weather changes to much.
Need to get started with my day and daylight is a waisting.

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