Tuesday, September 27, 2011


We went out and did the chores, milking and feeding and such, after which the rain had stopped and it had gotten foggy. Janice and I went to the make shift stall (carport) for Dancer and put on her blanket, after which we led her back to the pasture. This made her very happy, the goats even came to that end of the pasture for a visit.

On the way back from putting Dancer back into the pasture, we decided to check out the corn in the yard that was taken over by beans. We really expected to find nothing, surprise. We first began harvesting small ears of corn, then more green beans, some squash, gold nugget tomatoes, and on the way to the house needed to harvest two heads of cabbage as one had split and the other looked as though it was going to any time.

This preserved and added to what we have been able to harvest this year will make a nice little addition to our winter's food supply.

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