Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall begins

Well Fall is upon us and I still have lots to do. We are expecting rain today and not really ready for it yet. We are still trying to get the corral and stall finished for our new family member Dancer. Still have garden stuff to pick and preserve and a roof to put on the wood shed. We are going to try to hire someone to help us get the wood cut and split for the wood shed. It is only half full at present.

Some sad news, one of our ducks got stepped on last night by one of the goats and broke her leg. One of the only 3 females we have. Today Don is going to have to dispatch her. Will probably butcher her and have her for dinner one night. I think we will butcher a couple of the drakes and only keep two ducks and two drakes.

The goats are starting to give less milk now that fall is here. Need to start watching for the estrus to come so we can plan on the breeding time. We have three little ladies and going to get all three bred this year. We will need to get some hogs next year because just the two little nannies that we have are giving us over two gallons of milk a day and we can hardly keep up with them. We have about all the cheese, hard and soft, that we will need for the coming year and plenty of  sweet cream butter. Drying up the girls is always a sad thing because we will not be getting any milk for a while and will have to purchase the nasty stuff in the store. Yuck.

Time to start the days chores and duties. Hope all have a good day and may the LORD bless each and everyone.

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