Saturday, September 17, 2011


Janice and I went to the greenhouse to pick peppers and were pleasantly surprised. The Pepper harvest was great for only two Poblano's, two Jalapenos, one Bell Pepper, two Anaheim's (plant numbers).

The bucket of Anaheim Peppers is almost over flowing!

These Jalapeno Peppers will make some great Poppers with the addition of some home made Chevre' cheese and some breading!

We have Chili Rellenos planned for the Poblano Peppers, With homemade Monterrey Jack Cheese and free range eggs from our chickens, Can you say Yum mm!

Bell Peppers are always a good snack or in salads.
We laid the Anaheim and Poblano Peppers out on half inch hardware cloth over saw horses, along with the Corn seed, to dry.

We then covered the peppers and screen with "Remay", a floating row cover that allows air to pass through. The Remay was clamped into place with spring clamps.

I am really glad the Tomatoes are starting to ripen, as I love Tomatoes. The plants are loaded, mostly Early Girl.
Janice has the tomatoes in the dehydrator, working it's magic, along with the Bell Peppers.
We also looked at the Mellon's growing in the greenhouse. The Watermelon is doing well two more almost ready to harvest (we've harvested two so far),

We think we have some Cantaloupe growing but not sure.

These Mellon's we don't know, Janice swore they were Black Eyed Peas, they may be Honeydew's. 

Outside the small garden by the greenhouse needs to be harvested the pea seed saved, Turnips and Rutabagas stored, the dill dried and stored and the bed prepared and replanted with winter veggies.

We still have more green Beans in the yard to harvest along with Squash and Potatoes (three varieties).

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