Friday, July 27, 2012

A Good Start

Well we got a good start on the fence to divide the part of the pasture we are setting up for Grizzly, our buck goat and a buddy for him.

Below you can see that we started from the back fence line. We put a treated post in right next to a steel post already in and went from there. We are using stock panels for the fence line for more durability. Grizzly's daddy weighed about 250 pounds and we expect Grizzly to get at least that big, so we needed something a little more sturdy to keep him separated from the doe's, in other words, no breeding unless we say it is OK.

In this picture you can see how far we still have to go.
We would like to go to the back corner of the barn and put in a gate at that point.

We are about half way done. It shouldn't take us too long to finish the fence. With the post hole auger on the tractor it goes fairly quickly.

This is one of many projects we are needing to get done this year and I am so glad we got this far today. Hope the second half goes just a quickly.

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