Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Living on a mountain like we are, we felt we needed to look at erosion control, especially since having much of the vegetation removed from part of the hillside. We have been replanting trees and pasture seed in order to help hold the hill in place. We have also been placing logs across the slope in order to catch leaves and filter soil out of rain water to hold the hillside in place.
 The first, third and fourth pics are of logs placed today. We push, pull, roll, or otherwise get the main log into place. After that we try to fill the gap under them with smaller logs, rocks and or soil.

The above logs were actually placed several months ago.
In the above picture you can also see the flat coming past the barn and what will be the buck barn.
The pictures below are of the flat area where we are going to partition the pasture for an area for Grizzly, our buck and a wether (casterated male goat) that will be his buddy.
 The picture above and below are of the flat area which comes into the gate and past the barn as well as what will be the buck barn. The partition fence will travel around the downhill edge from the back fence , around to the back of the Barn.
As you can see in the above picture we still need to cut off a cedar stump closer to the hill, in order to allow for the fence.
 If you look at this picture closely you can see the back fence with steel posts. The partition fence will be made with treated wood posts and galvanized livestock panels. This will be much heavier to contain Grizzly during breeding season.
Janice and I have worked very hard on this project thus far, and part of that was cutting and moving the two parts of this old growth log, left from logging in 1957 (55 years ago). It is truly amazing how solid this thing still is after that amount of time. We did break about 6-8 inches of rotted stuff off the outside, before the cut.

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