Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Making Progress

Despite all the rain and snow, Don and I are making progress on the upper garden area. It is starting to look really good.
As you can see by the picture below, we have it pretty well leveled out. Still have some more raking to do, but that will come later.

We did get 4 apple trees planted and one Asian Pear. The Pear is closest to the greenhouse because that is closer to the Asian Pear in the garden below the rock wall. The Apples include a Fuji, a Liberty, and two Freedom Apples. I also moved the Forsythia and the Lilac bushes that were up by the filberts down to where the big stump is behind the rock wall. We couldn't get a stump grinder here to grind the stumps so I am planting bushes around it so we have to walk around the bushes and will miss the stump (hopefully) in the process as well as hide it.

In this picture you can see the bank wall in the back. We just ordered 3 pallets of block and will be building a block wall along this edge to stop erosion and of course for looks. I can hardly wait for the block. Don't get me wrong, it is a lot of work stacking the block but the center garden in the yard needs to be finished and then when this wall is done it well look sooooooo good. I will take more pictures as we go. After we get the wall built we will finish leveling out the rest of the garden and then probably put some kind of mulch in the bed.

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