Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Morning.......

Let me tell you how it went this morning. First I thought it would be like usual, fairly easy morning. You know, do the chores and sit and have a cup of coffee and read the blog. WRONGGGGG. I went out to feed the horses and Mr. Houdini opened the gate, this was expected because he had been practicing for some time, I just didn't realize how close he was to succeeding. This morning was the morning and he was a very happy camper and Miss Dancer was just following along like usual, and like most horses they like to play games with me, like run away when mommy comes. Well they meandered through the yard and when I was trying to catch one they took off up the right of way. They did that before and it was very hard to catch them so we used some dead trees and put across the right of way for a temporary fix. This temporary fix stopped them this time and Dancer decided she better come peacefully. She let me catch her and I put her in the pasture. Mr Flash wasn't having any of it and was still playing games. I finally got him in the pasture with Dancer because he wouldn't leave her behind. OK got the horses taken care of next on the list the goats. Went into the barn and things were different. Ms Daisy was no where to be found. Finally realized she was by the back door between the stall and milking area. Guess what BABIES. Wasn't prepared for that. Now I have to clean out in front of the stall so I can open it, get some clean straw in there, find the heat lamp and get that set up then get momma and baby in the stall. OK got that done, got the rest of the goats fed and then went back into the stall to make sure baby ate. Gotta get the colostrum in them as soon as possible. Momma is so good, she let me work with new baby boy. I needed to clean out her teats, as they were plugged with dry milk. Got that done and got baby boy eating. At least he knows where to look. Now baby and momma are taken care of and on to the chickens. Not to bad there except guess what. Out of water, so I need to walk back to the house get a bucket of water and walk back to the coop, fill the waterer and walk back to the house. Not too bad, but after a 10 mile hike after the horses and running for the goats I think I got my exercises for the day. Now I am going to sit back and drink that cup of coffee I had sitting and waiting for me and take five before breakfast. I will post some new baby pictures later for all to see. Hope you have a good morning.

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