Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Good Start

Today was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and a bit of a chill in the air. All in all a great day. As you can see , everyone was in the lazy mood today. The sunshine felt reallllllly gooooood.
Although we have been working our butts off. We have been adding the compost that is broken down to all the gardens, as you can see. The herb garden below looks so good with the fresh compost.
The rest of the gardens are beginning to look like they're ready for planting. Now it is just a matter of waiting for the weather to cooperate. It needs to warm up a bit and then I can put the plastic on the frame in the center garden you see below. This helps to extend the growing season up here on the mountain.

After we moved the Granny Smith apple I raked the soil around and got it as level as I could for now. I think the blueberries will do better this year. They will get better sunshine with the apple tree gone.

In the center garden below, I added a couple of old railroad ties to the ends to enlarge the garden area for planting. and you can see that we started putting the compost that is a bit fresher around the trees.

The herb garden is looking a bit scraggly but when the rhubarb starts to grow and the rest of the garden comes alive this area looks beautiful and full.

In the garden area below we still need to put more compost. We haven't quite got all of the compost in the area's that need it. Hopefully this coming week we can finish it. Although it is suppose to start raining again. Hope it holds off.

After composting my Honeyberry bed below I put some plant stakes around it with some fishing line attached to it to help keep the deer from eating them this year. We hope to get berries from them this year. We have had these bushes for three years now and no berries. Thank you DEER.

Below you can see that the fruit trees got there share of the compost. We would like to try to get the grass to come in a bit thicker this year. We think that this would be good pasture for the horses. 

The last garden is looking pretty good and ready to go.

We did some meandering around the yard today and got to enjoy some of the beauty here.
As you can see, my Lenten Rose is beginning to bloom. This beautiful flower blooms for a long time. I really enjoy it.

The wild Huckleberries are beginning to get a little bigger, they should be producing soon.

The pear tree in the yard is starting to break bud and should be blooming soon also.

The filberts have had the catkins on them for some time now.

They are such a wonder to look at.
Tomorrow we get back to it. We still have a lot to do before the growing season really kicks in.


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