Thursday, February 28, 2013

Strawberry Bed

I was out in the yard yesterday looking around at the stuff that still needs to be done. I posted pictures of the area we need to build the block wall. Well today I am going to show you where I am going to start a new strawberry bed.

Above is the location I am going to put the strawberry bed. There is already a small bed there now but I will be digging the old strawberries out and splitting them. I also have some new ones coming in March so I really have to get busy and get it done. Has to be done in between storms.
I will be using some old lumber that we have left from when we tore down our old deck off of the house but was still usable. I plan on building the bed the size of the wire cage you see in the picture. The cage will fit over the top of the bed. This is to deter any mouths (deer) that tend to wander and munch through our yard at night when it is dark. Also hope that it will keep the birds from pecking at the fruit this year. I will post more pictures as I go.
If you are interested in building a raised bed yourself, I have put some plans in the gardening section of our blog. I do recommend that if you put your raised bed on you old lawn or grassy area you put several layers of old news paper or cardboard down first. Also I would extend it several inches past the edge of the boards. This is to stop any weeds or lawn from growing into your new bed and you won't have to dig it out. It will take several months for the paper to break down, but by the time it does the weeds or old lawn will not be viable then and the seeds you sow will grow right through the paper. Then you can put some kind of bark mulch or what ever around the outer edges of the bed and this will stop the weeds from coming up around the outer edge of your bed.

I was looking at our Lenten Rose again and noticed that it wasn't quite as tall as it was last year but still as beautiful. I believe there are more blooms on it this year.

Such a beautiful flower.
Until next time, Happy Gardening.

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