Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Did some more work on the area above the rock wall today. Presently I think I have the excavation work done, now I need to grind some stumps and replace more soil. When you live on the side of a mountain You have to make flat areas for gardening.
 The picture below has arrows showing two stumps buried That need to be ground along with the obvious one in the next picture after the next one. Hey what do you expect this used to be forest.

 The stump below is a big White Cedar stump that Janice and I spent two or three days and many saw chains cutting down just to get the wall put up. We also had it ground once before, but not enough. The area along the back of the excavation, where the dirt bank is now, we are going to put up another stack block wall
 The picture below shows the path going down from the driveway to the Greenhouse, Lawn, and area I have been working on. This area will hold some raised beds for garden and a few fruit trees.
 This shot looking down the driveway shows my enormous dirt pile, looks like two, the dark pile of finished compost we are now putting out, and the chip covered fresh manure composting at the end.
Another project later will be to dig down the driveway, removing the high area, so water runs away from the house when it rains, but that is a whole other project, Thank the Lord we have the little Tractor, Loader, Backhoe.

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