Thursday, February 21, 2013


Just to complete the blog Janice entered this morning, I am adding the pictures she had not taken yet. This first one is of our newest baby born this morning of Daisy, a little buckling of 11 and 1/4 pounds. He is a big boy and already eating well. We actually took three pictures of him, but he is a wiggle worm, so two of them were blurry.
Then there is Flash who was the instigator of the freedom movement this morning. Looks pretty proud of his accomplishment doesn't he.
And of course Dancer had to egg him along in the escape attempt, and just to have some fun.
She is looking pretty satisfied with herself also.
Tonight we go to the local Bee Keeper's Association meeting, Should be interesting. Janice and I have both read the books that came with our new Bee Hives, "Backyard Beekeeper", and liked it quite a bit.We now have everything needed to start, except the bees.

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