Monday, July 18, 2011


Well while my lovely wife was in Washington, yours truly broke his hand. Thus not doing a lot around here for me. Janice on the other hand, has been working her tail off. she made a cottage cheese salad with ripe Mango, Pineapple chunks, and home made Cottage Cheese. Can you say YUMMY.
Anyway we took a spinning class through Wild Rivers Wool Factory, great class. In the morning we covered the hand drop spindle, and spinning on a wheel in the afternoon. They hold these classes every month, I advise taking the class.
We are buying a loom tomorrow, this should be fun. I have always wanted to learn to weave, now's my chance, well at least when my hand heals. I know I will be able to make some hand spindles as well, should be fun. It totally amazes me that the sails on Christopher Columbus's ships were woven with threads, that were spun on hand spindles, UNREAL. This is really bad, I can't even take pics very easily. I know, I should dial one eight hundred Wahhhhh!

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