Saturday, July 23, 2011


Well I have been needing to update the blog for a while now.

Things are growing well because of my lovely wife, certainly not because of me.
The potatoes and corn in the yard are starting to grow well, the corn in the greenhouse is starting to put on ears.
The Red Currents are really loaded this year.
I had mentioned on Common Sense Homesteading that we use livestock panels for trellis'. See below for an example using one for Cucumbers, and another being used for shelling peas.

These panels also make great plant cages. you will need to improvise a bender, I put mine on my welding table, see pic.
There is a heavy piece of bar steel to hold down the panels, then there is an angle iron piece, which pivots in order to bend the panel.
The angle iron in my case should have been heavier than what I used and the handle could have been longer. I am also sure something could be improvised out of wood and old door hinges.

These tomato cages work great, anchor well, unlike the commercial ones sold for high dollars.

Cucumbers and Peppers in greenhouse doing very well. I only have a pic of a Pablano Pepper, we also have Bells, and Jalapeno. The Cucumber is a very long variety, I forget which one.

As you can see from some of these pics we have way too much Digitalis (Foxglove). OK I forgot to re size the other pics of the Foxglove, so I'll put the Native Tiger Lilly, and the native Columbines,

During the spring we have scads of native Rhododendrons, way too many as they are poisonous to livestock as are Foxglove.
Well I think that's it for now, will try to get some pics of the spinning wheel and loom on later.

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