Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day Three of this Baching it Thing

Did the chores and got 11 3/4 pounds of milk from two goats this morning. came in and finished the cheese I was making yesterday, looks very good. I did refrain from eating any. any way took care of the  pheasants, little ducks and chickens, then washed all of the dirty utensils. Took a break and had some coffee and Rhubarb Coffee Cake, Yummy.
Went out and watered the greenhouse, while there pulled enough carrots for a good size meal, along with some beets and a handful of sugar peas, the peas won't last till Janice gets home.
Couldn't see the adult ducks this am, I believe them to be down at the pond, as I can't see a lot of feathers like a critter got them. Well need to practice the guitar (just learning) if I want to make progress.

Well it's for sure I went looking for the ducks and only found one frightened adult duck and two piles of feathers, Something got one of our ducks. I am going to try to trap or other wise rid our happy home of this havoc producer.

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