Sunday, July 24, 2011


Being a gardener I enjoy new plants, or at least new to me. When I go shopping, I always have to check out the new plants in the garden section,
As I really enjoy my home grown peppermint plant for tea, I happened upon a couple of new mints .
I found an Apple mint (above) and a Banana mint (below).
I couldn't resist, I had to get them. So I brought them home and planted them.
Today I got my first cutting off of them and have them in the dehydrator now drying as I type.
I can hardly wait to try them out. They sure smell wonderful while they are drying.
I also found a Lemon Balm, which I know is a good herbal plant, but not sure how to use it yet. I will need to do some research in my herbal books. I do know that it makes a good additive to potpourri. I really like the lemon scent, it is very refreshing.

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