Friday, July 15, 2011


In the last week I got 4 batches of cheese made. All 5 gallon batches. One of Chevre and Colby.

The next Chevre and Gouda, then Chevre and Monteray Jack and the last Chevre and Havarti. The Havarti is suppose to age and I am not sure it will turn out since we don't have a cheese cave as of yet. The temperature is an important part in aging and I have to keep it in the refrigerator and it is cooler in there than in the cave. Hope it turns out. I made several batches of Chevre so I can use some of it in place of cream cheese. Think I will try to make a cheese cake with it.

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  1. Speaking of making cheese, I need a contraption much like a small taffy puller. When I tried to make Mozzarella, it has to be pulled at a time it is very hot (to give it the stringy texture). A puller of sorts would make this process much easier.