Saturday, March 23, 2013


Janice and I went over and picked up a couple of new members to our farm family yesterday. We had purchased a handy dandy animal transport with a sliding door and attached it to a pallet with plumber's tape.
Being on the pallet was really handy when it came to unloading the two, one hundred pound pigs we purchased. Red and Blackie were really scared when we brought them home especially after riding in the back of the truck for a couple of hours, even if the front side of the transport was tarped to protect them from most of the wind. When I went out this morning both of them had snuggled into their bed, and didn't even want to raise their heads for a while.
 After calling to them for a little while, Red raised her head just to peak at me a little .
 Then Blackie raised her head a little, but neither kept their head up for long, it had been a hard day the day before and they wanted to relax and get used to the new surroundings. They had already eaten and had a little water, so were ready for a nap.
The new pigs were not the only ones being lazy this morning. We had left Flash and Dancer in the pasture last night and after Janice did chores this morning, Flash decided to lay down for a little nap.
 And of course with me walking around taking pictures and talking to the other animals, Grizzly decided he needed some attention as well, so of course I had to give him some scratches 
What do you mean our animals are spoiled!!!

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