Monday, March 18, 2013

Change of Plans

A few months back I put up some pic's of the area behind the shop that we needed to put up a retaining wall because the hillside was sliding in behind.
This was as sample of what we did to start and then winter came on and we had to stop our work.

We did get the posts and some of the boards up. I think that I posted some pic's on an earlier post. At that time we had planned on using this area for hay storage.

We finally got the rest of the boards up today but haven't finished the roof which we plan on extending out to the wall.

Don got some of the dirt moved around inside the area.

The wall is looking pretty good from here, but now we are going to use this area for some pigs that we just purchased. Had to put them somewhere.

So we put some pallets at the end between the shop and the wall and Don dug down some dirt in behind the wall to keep the pigs from digging out underneath.

The we put some wire down under neath the gate below and covered it with dirt so the pigs couldn't dig out from this end either.

Well we now have a new pig pen. Now all we have to do is get the pigs home, feeders and food and we are set to go.

Doesn't look to bad for a make shift, short term area for the pigs.

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