Saturday, March 9, 2013


Today was happy and sad at the same time. Our youngest son Jon brought one of his friends, Kevin, down to our place. Kevin was here to buy one of our goats, Daisy and her baby for this year.
This is the little buckling when he was first born. Since this picture he has grown some and been dis-budded. Kevin asked us to leave him a buck (not castrated) as he wants him to breed a couple of other does he had already gotten.
 Below is Janice holding the little guy and Daisy making sure her baby is OK.
 The Baby is only a day old and already trying to eat hay
The happy part is that Kevin is an animal lover and they are going to a very good home. Kevin and his wife have adopted three children along with three of their own. This will make lots of children to spoil the baby. Daisy is already a grade Saanan, which means she is half pure bred. Her father was a Registered Saanan buck. The Baby is a grade Nubian, Daddy is registered Nubian, so along with Mom's good blood lines any babies he throws should be good milkers. Daisy was giving one and a half gallons of milk a day last year.


  1. HI there!
    I popped on over from my "Follow/Lead/Share" list.
    Thanks for signing up and even having me on the blog roll!

    I think I will enjoy coming over here to read up on tons of fascinating daily events!
    Daisy is so adorable, and so very helpful in that milk department! WOWEE!

    Bye Daisy girl, and you take care of that new family!

    1. Thank you, you are welcome any time. We love all of our animals, and sharing our experiences with our blogging friends.